Do you like reading comics ?

If you do, you can find some funny ones online. You can try this new online comics magazine which has just been released. In this magazine, you can find lots of silly animal characters, such as mooses, wombats, tigers, pigs, etc…

A new comics magazine

A new comics magazine

You can read it online or directly download the PDF file (it’s free !).

Tell us if you like it, or if you don’t !

The transpacific partnership and “Free Trade”

A post for older pupils, obviously.

Mike Goodwin, an economist, worked with the illustrator Dan E. Burr, and together, they made this free online comic about the Transpacific Partnership.


economix - Transpacific partnership

It’s both an interesting initiative AND a good read, quite an instructive one as well… If you like reading comics, you might enjoy learning more about economy this way !