Heroes come in all shapes and sizes

Teddy’s parents knew that his life would be very short, as he was diagnosed with a very rare disease, anencephaly, during his mother’s pregnancy. She was carrying twins, and the parents were devastated when learning one of their sons would not survive his birth, but they decided to donate his organs, so that he could save someone’s life and live through this person. That made him a hero, and the youngest organ donor in Britain.

With their doctors, they have decided to go public about their decision, to encourage more parents who might be going through a similar situation to choose to donate their child’s organs.

Do watch the video of the parents talking about their departed son in the article below.


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So, cats are good for your health !

And there are many good reasons for that (11 at least, according to this article).

They are soothing, since they can be so quiet, and teach by example : we should takemore naps ! But their purring is also good for the human heart and blood pressure, and there are even therapy cats !

This five-year-old girl, Iris, was diagnosed with autism, and she has acquired better social skills since her new friend, Thula, has arrived :


If you want to know more about this beautiful friendship, read this.

Our ancestors used to eat insects… why do we hate them ?

You should know by now that food is one of my favorite centers of interest… Believe it or not, insects used to be considered a delicacy… Watch the video and learn more about which insects to eat, and why it would be a good idea… !

So, would you try one of those ?

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Could a virus transform us into zombies ?

Need something to worry about ? With the Ebola virus all over the news, you might wonder, could something be worse than this ?

Well… Viruses evolve, die, and new viruses are born. A virus which could cause zombie-like symptoms could emerge, one day… But we’re not there yet.

By the way, did you know that zombies are originally part of the Haïtian folklore ? Read more here.

Obama cares

On Friday 24th, President Barack Obama hugged a nurse who had contracted the Ebola virus. She had been treated and has survived the famous deadly disease that has killed thousands in Western Africa. Her dog is alive too. She never got the disease, but she was quarantined, just in case… In Spain, a nurse had been infected too, and her dog was put down by the authorities, before it was even tested for the virus.

Obama cares

The nurse was received at the White House, in the Oval Office. Of course, there were journalists and photographers around… This was an opportunity to communicate about Ebola not being a serious threat to the USA. Because it is being handled very seriously. And because the USA have all the means needed to isolate and treat patients.


The US at risk of a chikungunya epidemic

Victims of chikungunya have started to appear in the USA, after fellow citizens probably brought the disease back with them from their holidays in the Caribbean islands. With summer coming in, the mosquito population is rising, and the US are facing severe risks of a massive epidemic !

You can also find a good video report on the CNN page linked below.