So, cats are good for your health !

And there are many good reasons for that (11 at least, according to this article).

They are soothing, since they can be so quiet, and teach by example : we should takemore naps ! But their purring is also good for the human heart and blood pressure, and there are even therapy cats !

This five-year-old girl, Iris, was diagnosed with autism, and she has acquired better social skills since her new friend, Thula, has arrived :


If you want to know more about this beautiful friendship, read this.

Trick AND Treat :)

Max Ellis, a British photographer, is specialized in wildlife photography. This series of photographs brings out all the cuteness about Halloween ! Look at the fluffy tail of the squirrel on the right of the picture… It’s gorgeous ! The squirrel on the left looks like he’s wearing a mask, but there is a trick. Can you see it ?


This reminds us that Halloween is not just about scary gory costumes and stories, it’s also GREAT FUN !

Enjoy your Halloween day, and night… Happy Halloween everyone !

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A female python gave birth without any prior male intervention

In Louisville, Kentucky, a female Python laid eggs two years ago. Among those, six were successfully incubated. Zookeepers initially thought that the female had had an encounter with a male python before she was taken in captivity. Since then, genetic analyses of the shedding skins of the mother and her offspring have revealed that she is the only parent to those babies. A phenomenon called parthenogenesis, which is quite rare, particularly with those big snakes.