A plane on the Hudson

What does it take to become a pilot ?

A lot of nerve. And also, you need to be good at Maths.

On January 15, 2009, a commercial flight had to “land” on the Hudson River, right in the middle of New York, just a few minutes after taking off from La Guardia Airport.


The plane had crossed the trajectory of a flock of birds, and it appears that the two engines went down. The pilot, Chesley B. Sullenberger, nicknamed “Sully”, and his first officer, Jeffrey Skiles, managed to take the plane and its 154 passengers, crew members included, safely to the ground. This type of “landing” was the first of its kind.

Real video of the event :

News report :


Maybe you were too young to remember this incredible accident, but Clint Eastwood, the famous American actor and film director, wants you to think again about this extraordinary story. So he made a movie about it !

Sully is being released today in the USA, and it will be released on November 30 in France. You can watch the trailer for now.


If you want to know more about this story, you can read this excellent article :  http://nymag.com/news/features/53788/

Illegal migrants rescued in Greece

According to this article, which was published in The Guardian, 1700 people have died in the Mediterranean Sea this year trying to reach European ground illegally. These people take immense risks to leave their home country and reach Europe, hoping to start a new life in a European country.

Last Monday, a yacht sank off the coast of the touristic Greek island, Rhodes. It was probably coming from Turkey.


In the video below, you can see the wreck, it appears 200 people were packed on this boat. Some people drowned, but most of the passengers were rescued and taken to a hospital. A woman even gave birth to her baby in a Greek hospital shortly after her rescue.

This man, a soldier, quickly arrived on the site of the accident, and saved quite a few lives. His training and his strong desire to help the people in distress have made him a hero. Just like in the movies ! Except he got hurt and cut for real.

Greek man saving immigrant

The mother of the newborn chose to name him Antonis, just like her savior.

Read the article : http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/apr/25/migrant-boat-crisis-the-sergeant-who-did-his-duty-towards-people-struggling-for-their-lives

Death of a foreigner in a South African township


Photograph taken by James Oatway

The man assaulted in the picture died.

This happened in Alexandra, a township in the suburb of Johannesburg, in South Africa.

The man was assaulted because he is from Mozambique. He had started a small business in Alexandra.

A team of photographers was scouting the area and taking pictures. The assaulters fled when they saw the photographers.

If you want to know more, you can read this article: http://time.com/3831517/emmanuel-sithole-south-africa/

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes

Teddy’s parents knew that his life would be very short, as he was diagnosed with a very rare disease, anencephaly, during his mother’s pregnancy. She was carrying twins, and the parents were devastated when learning one of their sons would not survive his birth, but they decided to donate his organs, so that he could save someone’s life and live through this person. That made him a hero, and the youngest organ donor in Britain.

With their doctors, they have decided to go public about their decision, to encourage more parents who might be going through a similar situation to choose to donate their child’s organs.

Do watch the video of the parents talking about their departed son in the article below.


More on this touching story :


So, cats are good for your health !

And there are many good reasons for that (11 at least, according to this article).

They are soothing, since they can be so quiet, and teach by example : we should takemore naps ! But their purring is also good for the human heart and blood pressure, and there are even therapy cats !

This five-year-old girl, Iris, was diagnosed with autism, and she has acquired better social skills since her new friend, Thula, has arrived :


If you want to know more about this beautiful friendship, read this.