Please Don’t Be Scared

An interesting poem I want to share. Thank you !


There aren’t many people like me,
On the train.
In my religious garbs
And my Kofi cap.
I saw your darting eyes
And I tried to appear less frightening,
I flattened my backpack
I plastered a small smile on my face
Even though it was a Monday morning.
But as I sat down,
Your eyes hovered over my bag
And I feared you were scared.
If it’s not you, then it’s someone else
Or my own mind
Polluted like all others
By the media machine,
Are you frightened of me?
Should I be scared of you?
Or should I just be scared to be me?

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Wanna travel to London, 1895 ?

I’ve just discovered a manga at the Alain Lorraine library, and I love it ! It’s a long series titled Emma, set in London at the end of the XIXth century. There are lots of details about the city and the historical context. It’s also quite romantic… The author, Kaoru Mori, is an anglophile (= someone who loves everything English), and she has won many prizes for this work. I’ve just read the first volume, and I’m waiting for the next ones, because somebody has borrowed them.

The mangas from the library are in French, but I’ve just found an online version in English. I will go to the library first to check if the following volumes have arrived, although I’m really impatient to read what’s next, I prefer reading the paper version.

Emma - Kaoru Mori

Emma is also the title of an excellent novel written by Jane Austen in 1815, and she was quite a pioneer for her time. It has been adapted as a movie many times, and two particularly remarkable versions are Clueless, 1995, set in Beverly Hills, with Alicia Silverstone in the main part, and Emma, 1996, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor.

More on the manga :

John Lewis’s Christmas Ad – 2014 Version

Traditionally, on the first week-end after Thanksgiving Americans start shopping for Christmas. In the United Kingdom, this advert for the famous British department store John Lewis was released as soon as November 6th.

Each year, the new John Lewis ad features a slow cover of a famous song, and lovely creatures such as animals, snowmen, children… And it is always a feast for the eye. Enjoy !