Cory’s Cookies sound delicious !

Little 10-year-old Cory is the proud owner of a cookies company. He started business a few years ago, when he decided that he wanted his mom to have a car, which she couldn’t afford. He had the idea to sell cookies in order to get enough money, she helped him make them and sell them.


Those cookies have been very popular, and now, they have a car !

Good job, Cory !

Rihanna’s present to LAPD

Last week, the famous singer Rihanna was attending a basketball game. As she was sitting next to Steve Soboroff, president of the Los Angeles Police Commission, he asked her if she could take a selfie with both of them in it, but she dropped and cracked his phone.

What did she do ? Of course, she said she was sorry. Soboroff told her he would put the phone on auction to raise funds for police cadets from underprivileged background. So she signed it “I ❤ LAPD, Rihanna”. And earlier this week, she made a 25000 $ donation to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Rihanna and Steve Soboroff

Rihanna and Steve Soboroff