Rare white deer killed by 11 year old boy

white deer

A rare albino (= white) deer was killed by a boy who was hunting with his father in a Michigan forest. They knew this exceptional animal was living in the area, and they had been dreaming of catching it, and killing it, to keep it as a trophy.

They were hunting only for the glory, not for the food. In this family, this is something to be proud of, so they have talked publicly about this, and they even say that they want to have the whole animal stuffed, as a souvenir.

Since then, the boy has received death threats, as a lot of people in America were disgusted by this practice.

Do you like hunting ? Would you kill a wild animal in its natural surroundings ?

Cory’s Cookies sound delicious !

Little 10-year-old Cory is the proud owner of a cookies company. He started business a few years ago, when he decided that he wanted his mom to have a car, which she couldn’t afford. He had the idea to sell cookies in order to get enough money, she helped him make them and sell them.


Those cookies have been very popular, and now, they have a car !

Good job, Cory !

You can finally watch “Boyhood” here !

Boyhood is quite an extraordinary movie : it was shot over 12 years, one bit each summer. The main idea is that the central character, and his family, can be watched growing up, and growing old, and the actors are the same from the beginning to the end of the movie. It lasts 2h45, which is long, but doesn’t feel so long… I loved watching it ! I’m sure you would too. It’s a very interesting piece of fiction, which captures bits of real life in it.

“Racism is not over, but I’m over racism.”

An interesting slogan for a campaign of information about racism which rose after the death of Michael Brown. Maybe you heard or maybe you didn’t hear about this American teenager who was shot by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri, in early August, about a month ago. He wasn’t carrying a gun. He was shot six times. And this area of Saint-Louis is known for its ongoing racial tensions.

“Six black kids from #Ferguson, MO teamed up with http://FCKH8.com/ to bluntly and sarcastically educate white America about the racist reality in 2014. Recruited on the very block where unarmed black teen Michael Brown was gunned down by a white police officer, these kids ranging in age from 6 to 13 years old, use sometimes uncomfortable humor to show white people the continued racism their generation faces. Armed ONLY with statistics (hands up, don’t shoot) these articulate and adorable kids are not having it while much of white America would rather pretend racism is over.”

FCKH8 : stands for “Fuck Hate”, it’s the name of an organization which fights racism and other sorts of discriminations.

Apparently this kid is super cute !

Less than a week ago, this little 5-year-old guy was interviewed by a journalist at a local fair, and he was so cute his answer got published on YouTube, and it has reached more than 10 000 000 views today.

Watch him and listen to his delightful accent. You can try and find out how many times he uses the adverb “apparently” in his inspiring speech !

Somebody had the curious idea to turn this speech into a song, and the result is quite catchy !

I bet his grandpa must have had a hard time explaining all this to his parents…


Zoos are fun for humans, not for animals…

Children love going to the zoo… Yet animals are not so happy in there. Some even develop strong psychological illnesses. This means they can feel very sad, become crazy and adopt behaviors which can be dangerous for themselves or for their companions.

Zoos are fun for ki

Zoos are fun for kids… not for animals !

Yet some zookeepers love their jobs, and do their bests to keep the animals they care for satisfied. It is not always like this though…

The best reason for zoos to exist would be their work for the preservation of endangered species. Yet some animals are so stressed by their confinement, that they won’t reproduce or take proper care of their offspring.

Do you like zoos ? Why ?