Shake “it” off !

Taylor Swift’s latest single is catchy, to say the least. And the videos that were made for it ? They are just great !

The (impressive) professional version :

The heart melting amateur version :

You just can’t help yourself to twitch to it.

More : Did you know that this video triggered quite a controversy about its possible lack of regards towards black culture ? It has been accused of being racist, yes ! Can you see why ? There were lots of articles published about this when it was released back in August.

It sounds like a beautiful dream

This song from the late 1960ies still sounds very fresh and awesome : The Octopus’s Garden, by the Beatles. It was written by Ringo, one of the 4 members of the band.

Ringo had the idea of writing this song while on summer vacation in Sardinia in 1968. He had eaten squid (=octopus) for the first time, and the captain of the boat explained to him that octopuses collect stones and objects to arrange them neatly on the seabed, kind of like a garden.

I’m glad you enjoyed it !

PS : I wonder if the famous cartoon series Sponge Bob is not inspired from this song…

Apparently this kid is super cute !

Less than a week ago, this little 5-year-old guy was interviewed by a journalist at a local fair, and he was so cute his answer got published on YouTube, and it has reached more than 10 000 000 views today.

Watch him and listen to his delightful accent. You can try and find out how many times he uses the adverb “apparently” in his inspiring speech !

Somebody had the curious idea to turn this speech into a song, and the result is quite catchy !

I bet his grandpa must have had a hard time explaining all this to his parents…