Painting in a National Park…

Painting in a National Park is fine, just as long as you’re not doing it on a rock or a mountain… A 21-years-old painter from New-York went on a trip to a series of National Parks (Yosemite, Crater Lake…) across 5 states, and she painted portraits in each park. She even took pictures and sent them to her Instagram account.


She was probably proud of herself. She has deleted her account now, but her pictures were copied and published by unimpressed internet users, who also reported her to authorities.

She is facing charges up to 5000 $ and a year in prison for vandalism.

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Celebrities posing as… Disney characters !

Jessica Chastain posing as Merida, from Brave...

Jessica Chastain posing as Merida, from Brave…

The Disney company asked famous American photographer Annie Leibovitz to take pictures of celebrities disguised as popular Disney characters. Taking a single picture implies A LOT OF WORK, as you can see in the video below :

You can see here how the picture of Princess Merida was made. There are other pictures and videos on the Disney website and on the Disney Parks channel on Youtube.


A year ago in Boston

A photographer, Robert X. Fogarty, worked on the aftermath of Boston’s 2013 bombing. The act of terrorism which took place near the finish line of the very popular annual marathon took 3 lives and left 264 injured.

This project consists in a series of portraits of the victims with a special message written on their skin, a message they want to share with the world.

Dearworld Project - Robert X. Fogarty

Dearworld Project – Robert X. Fogarty


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Google’s doodles

While a doodle is a drawing you make aimlessly when you are thinking, listening or talking, Google’s Doodles are very elaborate. Here is an example :


This one is particularly hard to decipher… It was published last year, on Douglas Adams’ birthday. He is a famous science-fiction writer. Usually, they are much easier to read. Like this one :


Did you know you can participate in the doodling contest at any time ?

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