Global Be(er) Responsible Day

Another interesting “campaign” has just been started by an American beer-selling company. It points out the responsibility we have to ourselves, and to others, especially to the ones who love us.

This company has been making cute dog videos for a while, this one is from their previous campaign :

The connection with beer feels kind of remote, doesn’t it ?

Source :

Apparently this kid is super cute !

Less than a week ago, this little 5-year-old guy was interviewed by a journalist at a local fair, and he was so cute his answer got published on YouTube, and it has reached more than 10 000 000 views today.

Watch him and listen to his delightful accent. You can try and find out how many times he uses the adverb “apparently” in his inspiring speech !

Somebody had the curious idea to turn this speech into a song, and the result is quite catchy !

I bet his grandpa must have had a hard time explaining all this to his parents…

All about cuteness

This website  is a catalogue of cute pictures and videos of (baby) animals. It’s a cute website too. Most animals have a special name for their babies, for example, the baby of a “cat” is called a “kitten”, but some don’t, so their babies are just called “baby (name of the animal)”, as in “baby beaver”. In English, groups of animals can have very specific names (a school of fish, a flock of birds…). Watch this video of a man, with a VERY low voice, who sings a goodnight song to a litter of puppies (“baby dogs”), and they actually get asleep !

Good night ! Sleep tight !

If you want to know more about specific animal names, check this website