Every music genres on a single map…

This website offers a complete list of music genres, presented as a map, and it allows you to listen to a sound extract every time you click on a keyword. You should try this if you like listening to music, you might discover artists that you appreciate.

a website which offers a map of all sorts of music genres

                                             a website which offers a map of all sorts of music genres

There is also a page on the website which lists genres and artists by year of production, starting in 1950. Overall, quite interesting. ENJOY !

Source : https://www.lesinrocks.com/2014/09/08/musique/every-noise-at-once-musique-page-11523075/

Meatless Monday !

“If we like animals so much, why do we eat them ?” I guess that is a vegetarian question.

Farming animals has a terrible impact on the environment, that’s the ecological point of view.

Eating too much meat can be a cause of diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases, and that’s your doctor’s point of view.

So, these are 3 good reasons why we should eat less meat. In the USA, a new trend was started ten years ago :  Meatless Monday. It consists in avoiding meat at least once a week, on Monday.

Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday

What do you think about this ?

Do you like seafood ?

I do ! Especially when it’s raw… as in sushis and sashimis, the Japanese specialties…

There are lots of tasty fish and other types of seafood in oceans and in rivers, but some of those species are endangered, so we must eat less of them.

If you click on the picture below, you can find a website which gives information about endangered fish species, and it is nicely illustrated and organized.

Comparing fish

Comparing fish tool

Do you have a favorite type of fish ? I love salmon and trout. What about you ?


Celebrities posing as… Disney characters !

Jessica Chastain posing as Merida, from Brave...

Jessica Chastain posing as Merida, from Brave…

The Disney company asked famous American photographer Annie Leibovitz to take pictures of celebrities disguised as popular Disney characters. Taking a single picture implies A LOT OF WORK, as you can see in the video below :

You can see here how the picture of Princess Merida was made. There are other pictures and videos on the Disney website and on the Disney Parks channel on Youtube.


How to master a second language ?

How do you master a new language ? According to the website WikiHow, what you can do is :

1) Listen to the radio, so you can get used to the pronunciation of words and the intonations of the language.

2) Phone a friend  who can speak this language, and talk everyday for an hour if possible.

3) Read, read, read, in order to widen your vocabulary and your knowledge of the language. 

4) Think, try and formulate things in the foreign language.

5) Watch a film or listen to a song, this can be both pleasant and really helpful.

6) Write it down, try and fill a whole page with your thoughts, notes, projects using the language you want to learn.

You can find lots of other tips on the website WikiHow. And you can even write your own guide on a subject you master.

WikiHow Homepage

WikiHow Homepage

The tips may not work for everyone, but still, the website’s quite an interesting resource.


As you can read on Wikipedia :

“Afghanistan Listen/æfˈɡænɨstæn/, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located in Central Asia and South Asia. It has a population of around 30 million inhabiting an area of approximately 652,000 km2 (252,000 sq mi), making it the 42nd most populous and 41st largest nation in the world. It is bordered by Pakistan and India in the south and the east, Iran in the west, TurkmenistanUzbekistan, and Tajikistan in the north, and China in the far northeast…

After the British left India in 1947, the United States and the Soviet Union began spreading influences in Afghanistan, which led in 1979 to a bloody war between the US-backed mujahideen forces and the Soviet-backed Afghan government in which over a million Afghans lost their lives. This was followed by a 1990s civil war, the rise and fall of the extremist Taliban government, and the 2001–present war. In December 2001, the United Nations Security Council authorized the creation of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to help maintain security in Afghanistan and assist the Karzai administration.

Three decades of war made Afghanistan one of the world’s most dangerous countries. While the international community is rebuilding war-torn Afghanistan, terrorist groups such as the Haqqani Network and Hezbi Islami are actively involved in a nationwide Taliban-led insurgency, which includes hundreds of assassinations and suicide attacks. According to the United Nations, the insurgents were responsible for 80% of civilian casualties in 2011 and 2012.

Of course, there are children in Afghanistan, and they constitute more than half the population. Two Australian skateboard lovers, Oliver Percovich and Sharna Nolan, went to Kabul, the capital city of the country, with a few boards. There, they started organizing skateboarding sessions for the children, boys and girls, living on the street. The kids enjoyed learning how to skate, and soon, a skateboarding school, Skateistan, was created.

A short film was made, to introduce the school and its pupils. It is subtitled in English.

School Website : http://www.skateistan.org

 Source : http://www.amightygirl.com/skateistan