Death of a foreigner in a South African township


Photograph taken by James Oatway

The man assaulted in the picture died.

This happened in Alexandra, a township in the suburb of Johannesburg, in South Africa.

The man was assaulted because he is from Mozambique. He had started a small business in Alexandra.

A team of photographers was scouting the area and taking pictures. The assaulters fled when they saw the photographers.

If you want to know more, you can read this article:

Yesterday’s full moon

Last night, the moon was full and it was the third (and last) “super moon” of the year. The full moon of September is also called the “Harvest moon”. Hence the expression “Harvest Super Moon”.

Super moons appear bigger because… well, you can read all about it on this website.

Full Moon in September

You can still watch it rise in the evening, it is particularly beautiful.

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Rihanna’s present to LAPD

Last week, the famous singer Rihanna was attending a basketball game. As she was sitting next to Steve Soboroff, president of the Los Angeles Police Commission, he asked her if she could take a selfie with both of them in it, but she dropped and cracked his phone.

What did she do ? Of course, she said she was sorry. Soboroff told her he would put the phone on auction to raise funds for police cadets from underprivileged background. So she signed it “I ❤ LAPD, Rihanna”. And earlier this week, she made a 25000 $ donation to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Rihanna and Steve Soboroff

Rihanna and Steve Soboroff



Today is Mother’s Day…

… in the USA, in New-Zealand, in Australia and in many other countries (check the list here). In the United Kingdom and in Ireland, Mother’s Day was on March 30th, this year. In France, in Mauritius and in Madagascar, it will be on May 25th…


Happy Mother's Day to all mothers on the planet

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers on the planet


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Celebrities posing as… Disney characters !

Jessica Chastain posing as Merida, from Brave...

Jessica Chastain posing as Merida, from Brave…

The Disney company asked famous American photographer Annie Leibovitz to take pictures of celebrities disguised as popular Disney characters. Taking a single picture implies A LOT OF WORK, as you can see in the video below :

You can see here how the picture of Princess Merida was made. There are other pictures and videos on the Disney website and on the Disney Parks channel on Youtube.