Australian teenage girl bitten by a shark

Yesterday morning, Kirra-Belle Olsson, a thirteen-year-old surfer, was bitten by a shark while surfing with her friends (“mates”) off the New South Wales coast.

There are tons of photos of her leg and foot all over her (public) Facebook page.

She had some bad wounds, but it was taken care of, and now she really wants people to understand that the shark thought her feet was a fish, it wasn’t attacking her.

Two weeks before this incident, a surfer lost an arm while surfing in the area, as it was snatched by a shark.

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Meet the bowerbird

The bowerbird is an Australian bird which is known for its special courting habits. In order to attract a female, the male collects blue items such as feathers, rocks, but also plastic caps, straws, plastic rings… The male brings those back to the same spot, the bower, where he dances for the female. If she likes his dancing and his collection of blue treasures, they mate. Watch the video :

Impressive, isn’t it ?

But all these plastic objects can be very dangerous to those birds. This young male was lucky to be found and rescued, but he could have died a slow and painful death.




That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to put plastic garbage in the appropriate places, not in nature !

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The best jobs in the world ?

Australia proposes each year “the best jobs in the world” to foreigners. It’s a global contest, and there are more than 330,000 applicants from 196 countries !

The six jobs are: Chief Funster in Sydney, New South Wales; Outback Adventurer in the Northern Territory; Park Ranger in Queensland; Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia; Lifestyle Photographer in Melbourne, Victoria; and Taste Master in Western Australia. During their six month working holiday in Australia the winners are paid 100 000 Australian $ and they have to communicate about their experience.

Here is the job ad :

And a successful application sent by a French young woman :

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