Illegal migrants rescued in Greece

According to this article, which was published in The Guardian, 1700 people have died in the Mediterranean Sea this year trying to reach European ground illegally. These people take immense risks to leave their home country and reach Europe, hoping to start a new life in a European country.

Last Monday, a yacht sank off the coast of the touristic Greek island, Rhodes. It was probably coming from Turkey.


In the video below, you can see the wreck, it appears 200 people were packed on this boat. Some people drowned, but most of the passengers were rescued and taken to a hospital. A woman even gave birth to her baby in a Greek hospital shortly after her rescue.

This man, a soldier, quickly arrived on the site of the accident, and saved quite a few lives. His training and his strong desire to help the people in distress have made him a hero. Just like in the movies ! Except he got hurt and cut for real.

Greek man saving immigrant

The mother of the newborn chose to name him Antonis, just like her savior.

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Bad surprise !

Last night at 22:22 GMT (2:22 a.m. in Reunion), the Cygnus spacecraft exploded shortly after launching. It was heading to the International Space Station, carrying food supplies and material (5,000 pounds / 2,268 kilograms)  to the scientists who have been up there for a while.

Of course, this is a great loss, and an expensive one (the spacecraft and the rocket cost more than 200 million $). The ISS team won’t be starving though, they still have a lot of food on board.

Video of the launch :


More on the unmanned Cygnus spaceship :


Obama cares

On Friday 24th, President Barack Obama hugged a nurse who had contracted the Ebola virus. She had been treated and has survived the famous deadly disease that has killed thousands in Western Africa. Her dog is alive too. She never got the disease, but she was quarantined, just in case… In Spain, a nurse had been infected too, and her dog was put down by the authorities, before it was even tested for the virus.

Obama cares

The nurse was received at the White House, in the Oval Office. Of course, there were journalists and photographers around… This was an opportunity to communicate about Ebola not being a serious threat to the USA. Because it is being handled very seriously. And because the USA have all the means needed to isolate and treat patients.


Rare white deer killed by 11 year old boy

white deer

A rare albino (= white) deer was killed by a boy who was hunting with his father in a Michigan forest. They knew this exceptional animal was living in the area, and they had been dreaming of catching it, and killing it, to keep it as a trophy.

They were hunting only for the glory, not for the food. In this family, this is something to be proud of, so they have talked publicly about this, and they even say that they want to have the whole animal stuffed, as a souvenir.

Since then, the boy has received death threats, as a lot of people in America were disgusted by this practice.

Do you like hunting ? Would you kill a wild animal in its natural surroundings ?

Australian teenage girl bitten by a shark

Yesterday morning, Kirra-Belle Olsson, a thirteen-year-old surfer, was bitten by a shark while surfing with her friends (“mates”) off the New South Wales coast.

There are tons of photos of her leg and foot all over her (public) Facebook page.

She had some bad wounds, but it was taken care of, and now she really wants people to understand that the shark thought her feet was a fish, it wasn’t attacking her.

Two weeks before this incident, a surfer lost an arm while surfing in the area, as it was snatched by a shark.

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Wanted : 2 bad guys in white boxers, maybe French…

Last week, someone put a video on YouTube showing a stupid man in white boxers who attracted a squirrel to the edge of the Grand Canyon cliff, and then heartlessly kicked it into the void. The edge is more than 1600 meters high… Rumor has it that the men were French… This is terrible for the reputation of French people, who are not very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries. They are seen as : rude, arrogant, impatient, dirty, etc…

Some people say that the squirrel may not be injured too badly, as squirrels are used to fall from trees, and they have a small and light body, and their fluffy tail can soften the blow of the landing… But no one can know what happened to that squirrel now.

Anyway, the authorities are investigating the sources of the video in order to find those men. If found, they might have to pay a 5000$ fine, and they could even spend 6 months in jail for harassing wildlife.

This video also has a script on the YouTube page.

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