An unusual advertising campaign…

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a chain of restaurants in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and France which specializes in burritos and tacos. Its name comes from the Mexican word chipotle which stands for the traditional dried and smoked chili pepper.

This food company asserts its efforts to use organic ingredients and meat of animals raised in decent conditions, as can be seen in this interesting ad.

The company communicates a lot about that on social media, even creating a game application called “The Scarecrow”.

Infomercials have been broadcasted as well on TV et on their Youtube channel.

Are they sincere in their adoption of this sustainable policy ? Or is this just another communication strategy ?

Meet the bowerbird

The bowerbird is an Australian bird which is known for its special courting habits. In order to attract a female, the male collects blue items such as feathers, rocks, but also plastic caps, straws, plastic rings… The male brings those back to the same spot, the bower, where he dances for the female. If she likes his dancing and his collection of blue treasures, they mate. Watch the video :

Impressive, isn’t it ?

But all these plastic objects can be very dangerous to those birds. This young male was lucky to be found and rescued, but he could have died a slow and painful death.




That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to put plastic garbage in the appropriate places, not in nature !

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Zoos are fun for humans, not for animals…

Children love going to the zoo… Yet animals are not so happy in there. Some even develop strong psychological illnesses. This means they can feel very sad, become crazy and adopt behaviors which can be dangerous for themselves or for their companions.

Zoos are fun for ki

Zoos are fun for kids… not for animals !

Yet some zookeepers love their jobs, and do their bests to keep the animals they care for satisfied. It is not always like this though…

The best reason for zoos to exist would be their work for the preservation of endangered species. Yet some animals are so stressed by their confinement, that they won’t reproduce or take proper care of their offspring.

Do you like zoos ? Why ?

And the winner of the Google Doodle contest is…..

On Monday 9th, Google’s homepage featured a doodle made by the young winner of the contest this year : Audrey Zhang, 11 years old, is in 5th grade in a school in New-York. There were about 100,000 entries on the theme of “draw one thing to make the world a better place.”

Back to Mother Nature, Audrey Zhang

Back to Mother Nature, Audrey Zhang

She decided to address the issue of polluted water and the vital need for clean water. Her drawing, titled “Back to Mother Nature,” represents a machine that can clean water. Once selected, she worked with a team of artists at Google to animate her drawing.

Congratulations to this clever young girl !


Meatless Monday !

“If we like animals so much, why do we eat them ?” I guess that is a vegetarian question.

Farming animals has a terrible impact on the environment, that’s the ecological point of view.

Eating too much meat can be a cause of diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases, and that’s your doctor’s point of view.

So, these are 3 good reasons why we should eat less meat. In the USA, a new trend was started ten years ago :  Meatless Monday. It consists in avoiding meat at least once a week, on Monday.

Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday

What do you think about this ?

Do you like seafood ?

I do ! Especially when it’s raw… as in sushis and sashimis, the Japanese specialties…

There are lots of tasty fish and other types of seafood in oceans and in rivers, but some of those species are endangered, so we must eat less of them.

If you click on the picture below, you can find a website which gives information about endangered fish species, and it is nicely illustrated and organized.

Comparing fish

Comparing fish tool

Do you have a favorite type of fish ? I love salmon and trout. What about you ?


What’s the most dangerous animal in the world ?

Bill Gates, a man who became a multimillionaire after co-founding Microsoft, is a well-known philanthropist. He advocates humanitarian causes by funding actions (he gives a lot of money) and by using his celebrity (he can attract people’s attention). On his blog, last week was “Mosquito week”, as he wanted to remind his readers that mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on Earth. If we are counting human casualties…

The mosquito is responsible for 1 million deaths every year

The mosquito is responsible for 1 million deaths every year

There is an even better illustration in his article, you should go and check his blog page !

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