#GlobalSelfie ?

NASA invites you – and everyone else on the planet – to take part in a worldwide celebration of Earth Day this year with the agency’s #GlobalSelfie event.

NASA - #GlobalSelfie event.

NASA – #GlobalSelfie event.

If you have a Twitter account or a Facebook account, you can share your self-portrait preferably made outdoors, with the hashtag #GlobalSelfie.

Here is an example :

A selfie from the globe...

A selfie from the globe…

Fashion victim or fashion criminal ?

A four-year-old girl, with a little help from her mom, makes her own dresses with… paper ! And she is quite good at it !

fashion victim


To protect her identity, her mother simply calls her “Mayhem” when she shares the photos of her dresses on Instagram. If you want to see more, check the article here, or visit their Instagram account.

What’s your opinion on this ?

My favourite online dictionary

My favourite dictionary is online… It is more than a dictionary : it is also an encyclopedia, a thesaurus (a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms), and there are a few games as well !! Have a go and visit the Free Dictionary online.

It gives you the pronunciation of words (you can listen to them, or read the phonetic transcription), their translation (in a lot of languages) and a lot of other things…


Have fun !