Today is Mother’s Day…

… in the USA, in New-Zealand, in Australia and in many other countries (check the list here). In the United Kingdom and in Ireland, Mother’s Day was on March 30th, this year. In France, in Mauritius and in Madagascar, it will be on May 25th…


Happy Mother's Day to all mothers on the planet

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers on the planet


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What’s the most dangerous animal in the world ?

Bill Gates, a man who became a multimillionaire after co-founding Microsoft, is a well-known philanthropist. He advocates humanitarian causes by funding actions (he gives a lot of money) and by using his celebrity (he can attract people’s attention). On his blog, last week was “Mosquito week”, as he wanted to remind his readers that mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on Earth. If we are counting human casualties…

The mosquito is responsible for 1 million deaths every year

The mosquito is responsible for 1 million deaths every year

There is an even better illustration in his article, you should go and check his blog page !

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Lights out for the nightbirds !

Every year at the beginning of spring or autumn young birds are killed while migrating for the first time from their nest to the sea or to some other destination. They prefer to travel by night, but they mistake the city lights for the moon and the stars.

Because of its numerous glass skyscrapers, Toronto, in Canada, is one of the most dangerous cities for birds. In the 2000s, the first program for reducing night lighting was started.

Then other cities followed, such as Washington DC.

Did you know that in Reunion, we have the same problem in April and in October ? In order to save as many birds as possible, cities will reduce their public lighting from the 18th to the 28th of April. Petrels are particularly at risk, but so are baby turtles actually…


Moon eclipse scheduled tomorrow…

…but we won’t be able to see it !

You may have heard that a total eclipse of the moon is happening tomorrow night, but here in the Indian Ocean, it will be daytime already, so we won’t be able to see it.

Because the moon will look red, this phenomenon is called a “blood moon”.  If you click on the picture below, you can watch an excellent video explaining how this phenomenon can take place.

Moon eclipse - Tutorial

Moon eclipse – Tutorial


You can also check out Nasa’s wonderful website :

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The free dictionary says :

Whaling : n. The business or practice of hunting, killing, and processing whales.

But some people have given a new meaning to this word by starting a “whaling” epidemic :

Even scientists succumbed to this trend, and you can also listen to some Whale Poetry here :

The transcript / text can be found here.

As big as they are, whales can be vulnerable, as you can see with this humpback whale caught in a fishnet :

If you don’t like what’s happening to those wild animals, you can sign a petition against plastic pollution.