David Bowie’s changes of hairstyle over 5 decades

As a birthday present, a 22-year-old illustrator made a series of portraits of David Bowie, a famous British singer, showing his different hairstyles from the beginning of his career in the late 60ies, to today.


She also made an amazing animated GIF (a succession of images displayed in a loop), which you can see by following the links below.

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Official Webpage of the artist : 


Meatless Monday !

“If we like animals so much, why do we eat them ?” I guess that is a vegetarian question.

Farming animals has a terrible impact on the environment, that’s the ecological point of view.

Eating too much meat can be a cause of diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases, and that’s your doctor’s point of view.

So, these are 3 good reasons why we should eat less meat. In the USA, a new trend was started ten years ago :  Meatless Monday. It consists in avoiding meat at least once a week, on Monday.

Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday

What do you think about this ?